Summer T-shirts

..last week, my sister received a package of tshirt from GMN (Global MSUan Network) which she was forcedfully has given it to my brother since my brother liked it so much. It was black colored, if am not mistaken, it was large enough for my sister and was perfectly fitted to my bro. hehe!
I was thinking then if my sister would give it to me either! haha! I am very damn freak with tees that are signatured..However, as I tried fitting it, the shirt was very large for me; larger than my sis’. hehe!

I decided then to look for very good summer t-shirts that would surely fit to my emotions like the UFC, seinfeld or the johnny cash t-shirts. haha. One of the UFC t-shirts I liked most is the As real as it gets black tee. Lovin’ black tees so much! Seinfeld t-shirts’ which I was dreaming of having is the It’s not a lie if you believe it tee. But I prefer red tee for this with silver-colored letters. And the last but not the least t-shirt that I really wanted to have it the cash tee of johnny cash t-shirts. I have seen one like this which is in striped black and white, and it really has melt my eyes and even my pocket. haha. I really wanted to have the johnny cash tee. whew!

Can anybody buy one for me from these tees!?!?

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