Ambitious Dream

I used to have a lot of things dancing around my mind especially when I got nothing to do. Haha. It makes me, emotionally, relaxed and feeling comfortable. What I used to dream and think of are things I supposed to have now if I didn’t enroll in a medical school. Funny, sometimes. But I am pretty sure that I am happy with what I’m doing especially when I am bored.

Since then, I used to dream of having my rest house the US. My mum agreed with me then when I first shared to her ’bout what I wanted to have. But off course, as she pointed clearly, that I must first be a doctor before I could have those luxurious things. haha!

Anyway, I really wanted to have my rest house in the US, specifically in Texas. In fact, I already have my own sketch of my house. hehe! I know I am ambitious enough to have these things for now, haha, but who knows, maybe tomorrow or the other days to come, you guys would only being me in photographs with my mansion-like dream rest house in Texas? haha!

I, myself, is really looking forward for some exciting things to have and to achieve. I am even looking for quality-conscious contractors online to work with my house. hehe. I bumped into Houston garage doors to work for my garage only. Take note, that is only for my garage. For other settings and parts of my mansion, maybe I could hire an engineer and an architect. wehehehe!

Oh no! C’mon gagay, better asleep! haha!


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