Do Books Make Sense in Medical Schools?

I am still a first year medical student in one of the (I proudly say) prestigious school in the whole world, Silliman University Medical School. Though, medical school in Silliman University is still a baby – we’re still on our 5th year this academic year, I still can prove that the university’s medical curriculum is highly competitive in the medical schools in the world.Today, marks my 12th day in medical school, officially. I already have met a almost all of our teacher-doctors and known them somehow especially those who were our teachers in our subjects this semester. I could say that they are really one of a kind, each one of them in their respective medical fields.

Good enough that the university medical school has its very intelligent way of learning process to us-students. What our university did in our subjects is that, in each part of the subjects different consultants (doctor practitioners) are assigned in each part or chapters in that subject of their chosen fields. For instance, in our Anatomy class, in the musculoskeletal chapters, Dr. Katada, an orthopedic surgeon is our teacher. He’ll teach us only the musculoskeletal part of the Anatomy class, other parts, like the Neuroanatomy will be taught by Neurosurgeons. This is also the same to our other subjects like Physiology, Histology, Biochemistry and other subjects.

Well, as what many has been saying, being in a medical school is not a joke. It’s definitely of very far different from the undergraduate (college) years. If I suffered a lot (stresses, crammings and depressions) in my years in UP, to the nth times in medical school. Thinking of those a chapter a day of lesson, then the following day will be an exam or 5-chapter quiz which is only for 10 items, much with 3 to 4 subjects of quizzes and 2 exams a day, how do a fresh graduate would able to readily adapt such way of studying 10 chapters a night?

Nevertheless, READING and only READING, I mean, ADVANCE READING is what our teacher-doctors are always reminding and that is with COMPREHENSION for us to be able to cope up the fast-pace in medical school. Off course, as a trying hard medical student and a wanna-be-(ambitious) doctors, what we are doing is to READ, READ, READ, READ with COMPREHENSION those books that we sweaty looked over different bookstore in the country.

However, personally, I am just somehow embarrassed, I do not know if I can call it embarrassed or pissed off, or should I say, I just felt uncomfortable after having an exam this afternoon, we, with our teacher discussed the answers for the exam. She was having different answer from what the book has been telling. We asked her about it, but she explained something more differently from the fact yet the book that we referred is the one that she used as a reference also.

I do not know then how to react. I just told to myself that I would never trust any book from now on! haha! pathetic!

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