Blogging for Medical Career

My very desire in life, aside from wanting to be a medical doctor, is to be a professional writer – to be part of an international magazine or news peg, or just anything which involves writing. However, my mum doesn’t allow me to take a journalism course or any related course to writing. I do not know why. But then, I just realized, I still can write and make the whole world read what I wanted to tell even I didn’t finish a writing-related degree. I am a Bachelor of Science in Biology graduate and currently in a Medical School, pursuing my desire to be a professional forensic medicine, yet I still can do writing – my passion thru the blogosphere – my blogs.

As I started my blog, it was last July of 2007, I was blind enough on search engine optimization and the like. One friend of mine, also a blogger, introduced me some technical things in blogging or website making specifically the web directory. I still do not have pay-outs from blogging that time, so I just utilized free web directory instead. And boom! My blog, walkingnewspaper, got surprising back links for just 3 months. Thence, it reached PR 3. Lower, to think, though, however, for a baby blog of 3 months, PR 3 is enough and worth celebrating.

Why I firstly worked on web directories? Actually, web directories are listing of web sites (blogs) into categories and even on subcategories. Once your web site is listed on specific web directory, for instance, dmoz or the botw, such web site will be linked to other web sites and then categorized.

After web directory, I then worked on search engine optimization of my blog. My friend referred some SEO friendly web directory. Indeed, great directory.

Having my new blog – medical blog, last November 2008, I also worked on backlinks and SEO only a month after because of school-hindering activities. Though I worked for it late, still worthy to have a cup of coffee because I had my medical blog’s PR 2 last April 2009.

Now? I am happily blogging (writing) while playing with me my medical career. Thanks to my mum!

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