Cronkite dies at 92

The anchorman for the CBS Evening News for 19 years, Walter Cronkite, died yesterday after suffering from cerebrovascular disease. He was an American Broadcast Journalist and been named as the Father of Television News in New York.

I just have time to report some news about him because one of my classmates in medical school asked me what is the phyiology of cerebrovascular disease because she has heard that Cronkite died because of it. Good enough, for my classmate, that she bumped on me that I also knew Cronkite.

Being in a field of journalism was once my ambition also aside from writing. That’s why I knew Cronkite coz I was fascinated the way he speak after the people. He was one of the broadcast journalist that I salute. He’s indeed great of his chosen field.

Well, about his disease, I might be publishing the soonest on cerebrovascular disease in my medical blog as soon as I have enough time. I am just dropping by for 3 minutes here coz I really wanted to write about Cronkite. hehe.

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