Dating and Relationship TIPS

I just want to share this dating tips since I couldn’t have any dates to anybody, haha.. Bitter? Am not! takboleI am just busy with mygatai chosen career. nerdWhew! I guess this is of good thing to those planning to have a date.I have here 4 ultimate dating tips that you should break.

loveRule #1: You can’t check out anyone else

Why you should break it: You’re in a relationship; you’re not dead. So when you’re walking down the street and spot a piece of eye candy, go ahead and give yourself permission to do a double take. Noticing the scenery isn’t a sign that your guy doesn’t do it for you anymore. “It’s human nature to be attracted to other people,” explains Los Angeles psychotherapist Lynn Ianni, PhD.

loveRule #2: You have to give each other the play-by-play of your day

Why you should break it: You already know it’s not cool to attach yourself to his hip. Well, the same thing goes for drawing him a mental map of your daily grind. “The Cliffs’ Notes version of your day is actually more effective. Then move on to more mutually interesting topics, like current events or a movie you want to see,” says Rhoades.

loveRule #3: You have to resolve every conflict

Why you should break it: Forget the old adage that you should never go to bed angry. Despite your feminine urge to fix a problem now, it often pays to sleep on it — or drop the matter completely. “Women are oriented toward harmony and balance in relationships, so they often try too hard to analyze and repair an argument, which isn’t always possible and can even exacerbate the issue,” says Ianni.

loveRule #4: You need to deep-six your exes

Why you should break it: There’s no reason to cut off contact with someone you genuinely care about. Just because it didn’t work out romantically between the two of you doesn’t mean you have to wind up hating each other. “You date someone who has qualities that you appreciate and enjoy,” says Pepper Schwartz, PhD, author of “Everything You Know About Love and Sex Is Wrong.” “Even if you didn’t succeed as a couple, you might still like each other as friends.”
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