Waving Bye to the American Football Quarterback McNair

Football is a no no to me. However, I used to watch football games on television aside from my basketball frustration.

Last July 4, the American Football Quarterback Steve McNair was found dead with a gunshot which wounded his head in the Nashville Tennessee downtown condominium. According to the police report, a pistol was found near a woman who was also dead.

The family of McNair is planning to have his body autopsied. Hoping to solve this case the soonest. Surely, not just Steve’s family is mourning now, the football world does also.

So sad, isn’t it?

Oh no! Now that one of my fave football players has died, I don’t know if I could still have the eagerness to watch football games. Actually, there was a time, I could still remember, even I had an exam the next day of McNair’s game, I still watched their game on television.

My condolences to the football world and to the McNair family.


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