Blog Come Back

September is yet to end without having me here achievements for the last two months.
But anyway, I am still, somehow, glad that even I haven’t been updating my blog religiously, some of my blogger friends kenyit are still keeping in touch with me either here in my web blogs or directly through my mobile phones. A number of them also used to leave messages (with hugspeluk and cups of coffee minum) through face book applications.
sigh For now, I really tried to steal a time here to have all the opps be done as much as I could, our final examinations will be next week, though. I decided to update my blogs before the end of the month because I am planning tepuktangan to attend (join) the Mindanao Blogger Summit this coming October 26, if I am not mistaken. I do not know yet the exact place where the event would be held. There are already a lot of invites that I’ve receive through mobile phones and mails but I haven’t confirmed yet since our last day of class is not yet fixed. nangih I am just really hoping that I could join the event since I missed the Davao Summit and even Cebu Summit last July because we had an examination on that day. sedihJoining the summit indeed a great experience since aside from meeting personally the bloggers whom we just usually chat and do exchange links online, a lot of blogging tips are to be discussed during the summit. Honestly, even though I have been blogging for quite a time now wherein I just making use of those useful online tools for blogger, attending and listening from co-bloggers how they make money solely through blogging could really help one improve in the blogosphere.sengihnampakgigi

For now, I am fixing another blog and I am planning make it online and marketable before the year ends, hopefully, with His hands.kenyit

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