Flooding in the Philippines killed 40

I always hear callmefrom my friends and relatives living (or just staying) in Luzon (specifically in Cainta, Rizal) that they always doesn’t have classes or work because of continuous heavy rain and flooding.
Just yesterday, I have read a news and heard from television that there were already 40 people died because of the flooding. It’s so sad to know this, however, no can stop the rain since it’s a natural phenomenon, even how much work the government has provided to open canals for good drainage, but because of continuous heavy rain fall, flooding still occured.This is actually the worst flooding event happen after 42 gigilyears in the country. Some people were just even asked to stay in there rooftops. Other residents were told to evacuate in much higher elevated ares.

Thence, the government in Northern Luzon declared the area as in “state of calamity” due to the event happened. There are 35 killed also from landslide and flash floods in nearby provinces.sedih

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