The Cleveland Show

I am not really that television addict lassy however, as one of my friends asked me to even just to try checking through the web about the Cleveland Show, I could even asked my mum to buy me my own television doa at home. sengihnampakgigi My mum just told me that I better stop studying then, gelakguling ‘coz surely I would only be watching television the whole night. ketukmeje
Well, my mum had a point. And, one more thing, I still couldn’t watch The Cleveland Show directly here even I got my own television ‘coz the house that I am staying doesn’t have it’s own cable tv lines. nangih What I am doing now is just checking Cleveland show from youtube.nangih

Actually, The Cleveland Show is an animated series which just premiered last Sept. 27 of this year.
I’ll just share some more next time. I need to rush, I still have an exam tomorrow. jelir


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