Before my graduation day last April, my mum asked me to cut my hair women down since it doesn’t look any good for her already. gatai Actually, she was just pissed off every time I asked her what should be the best thing I’d do for my hair. This one such waterloo for me. gelakguling

*missin’ my long hair; this was last March 2009.

I got my hair long then. However, everytime I have it long, I always experience hair loss. My mum suggested then to cut it down which I do not want to. Off course, any lassy feels sexy flirty awesomely gorgeous with long hair, right?

With my eagerness to maintain it longer for a longer time also, I looked for hair loss products that work for me. I’d tried a lot, but I always experience scalp dryness and itchiness. Once, I even thought of trying a hair loss treatment for men and women that one of my friends nerdhas suggested. My friend even recommended procerin reviews for me to find out the possible side effects of having hair loss treatment.

However, when I tried surfing and anticipating good things out from the world wide web, I found out that the hair loss that I was experiencing was just normal. sengihnampakgigi Everyday, there will always be a number of hair strands that would be losing every time we comb our hair.

takbole I told my mum sengihnampakgigi ’bout it, and she just laugh gelakguling at me. Everytime I finish taking a bath, she then asked how many hair did I loss after shower. jelirI was just being paranoid! penat

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