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Puzzled. Can’t think of anything good. Maybe, I just let my hands, without my mind and heart, to do anything what it wants to do – writing, clicking the laptop keys and mouse.garupaleSpeaking of laptops, I am planning to purchase new laptop before the second semester would start, a handy one, maybe a notebook that I’d able to bring anytime anywhere. It is because at school, sometimes, our books are very heavy that I can’t manage to bring 3 books a day. sedih And those books? Just imagine a more or less 2000-paged book, hard-bounded and I am not exactly sure of the dimensions.

*break time at school; take a look at those piled books i have in my desk. takbole

Haven’t talked my mum ’bout it, though, I am already checking some good Linux-operated notebook here. kenyit I prefer linux ‘coz it’s definitely, for me, a friendly-OS and aside from that I want to install 2 operating systems on that new laptop computer that I could have, if I’d able to purchase 1. I will be partitioning the hard disk – as if am a computer techie. sengihnampakgigi Well, I’ll just try. There would be no harm in trying, ayt? If ain’t work at first, try harder! tepuktangan Aside from making my new loppy partitioned, since in school we’ll be diagnosing larger community next semester for our epidemiology class and we need to network our own computer from that of the school’s, linux network, I think, is easier to network than other OS does. nerd

*my ever dearie loppy: 15.4″ Toshiba.peluk

So, now!? What do you think of me? Insane? gataiCan’t think of any, yet can only write! gelakguling

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