Gwen Araujo: a teenage transgendered woman

I have a number of friends who are gays (shemale) who used to dream to become a true-blooded female. They even thought of undergoing sexual surgeries. merajukMost of them, they were just acting as real lassies, their physical show-offs. They considered themselves as transgendered individuals.
Transgender, actually, connotes to individuals who are diverging from one gender to another (opposite one) which is not there biological identity or gender.

One of the most familiar, even in the world wide web, is Gwen Araujo, known to be Lida, a transgendered individual.Way back October 2002, Gwen Araujo, 17 years old then, sedih was killed by a group of 4 men wherein, as noted, 2 of which were her sexually-intimate partners. Accordingly, She was killed after knowing that she was just a transgendered lassy. hah

Maybe, we could have learn a lesson from what had happen to Gwen.

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