No Happy Halloween Comments

Been busy preparing for halloween trick or treat? But that’s a no! no! to me! I believe those things are just for kiddies. And definitely, am not a kiddie anymore. jelir

No Happy Halloween Comments, please!!!

Might be asking what would I just do tonight? I will be launching my new blog. I have already made a draft of it. But I got no idea yet of what its name would be. soal And oh, I still have a lot of idea to what the topic of my new blog also. sengihnampakgigi

However, there are only two (2) things which I am thinking of to blog on my new blog. Surely, I’ll be talking only either one of my frustrations – to be talking ’bout numbers or computers. rindu

Numbers? Because it has been my dream also to be a teacher – a mathematics teacher. Aside from that, I wanted to be a math geek and a statistician as well. However, with all those folks, my mum disagreed.

Computers? Coz I am a self-proclaimed Computer-Geek! kenyit Taking a computer courses has never danced into my mind coz I believe that anybody could be a computer geek even not attending a university and graduating a degree of it. And what part of computer talks I want? Off course, website hosting! And again, my mum didn’t allow me. She doesn’t even want me to blog. takbole But still I do. kenyit

One time, I shared to my mum my unexpected earnings thru web hosting, she was surprised but still those things didn’t convinced her to have me her permission. I explained to her that I don’t need to enroll in school to have knowledge on web hosting since there are a lot of web hosting guide online. But well, I know my mum, she’s not that easy to spill woman. Instead, she let me choose between medical and online career ,tension which I hate most.

Woooooh! I am definitely a hard-headed lassy, I still go for web hosting jelir even mum get mad at me.kenyit

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