To go home, or not?

Yipeeeeey! It’s Thursday already, 3 days more to go and my first semester first year in medical school will be over. tepuktangan Hopefully, these 3 more days won’t drown me from studying.But, anyway, this morning, I received 2 SMS from friends in Davao City asking and confirming as well, when am I going home for us to have a night out -exclusively, all girls. But, I do not know yet when would I able to go home, or should I say, if I would go home because I was thinking of just spending lofty time here in Dumaguete City and just do blogging – launching of two more blogs. ketukmeje I am just sure enough that if I’ll go home, I can’t blog coz I’ll just be hanging out all day all night there. gelakguling

I told them what my plans are for semestral break, however, they told me we’ll gonna be going to Grand Regal Hotel, where we could play casino. One of my friend’s cousin (who happen to be my friend also, just arrived from, I forgot where she came from gelakguling) invited us to play casino there.

I am puzzled! hah

*this was taken during the Davao Blogger Summit last Oct. 2009
at the Grand Regal Hotel PAGCOR, Davao City

I am very hesitant now, I can’t think anything good, if I’d just stay here this semestral break. Actually, that friend of ours (the one who cam back from somewhere) was the one who taught us how to play casino online and she even shared to us what are the best online casino games she used to play when she’s not at home (here in Philippines). In fact, she’s always the one paying for our duitduitduit everytime we play at the casino, even online. Aside from that, I am missing my bitchy, like me – a girl thing, friends. I do not know what to do!

Will I go home? Or not? ketukmeje


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