Welcome Back Awards!

Welcome Aboard! tepuktangan

I’m home, in Dumaguete City, safely! kenyit

After more than a week of internet-free life, stress free but hang-out-full life, I am now here getting ready again for my new semester in medical school. nerd Tomorrow will our first day of registration. I am somehow nervous for the upcoming semester because as what our higher schoolmates have shared to us, 2nd semester is definitely more difficult than the first semester most especially those added subjects. sedih
But anyway, I still have a week-long of study-free, so I just have to make my life busy blogging. kenyit For now, I just wanna give my heartfelt thanks to Phoebe and master GP for giving me lotsaaaaa awards! gile

I wanna share these awards also to Ate Jean, Ate Janice, Ate Ane, Ate Mon, Ate Elai, Ate Debbs, Bugz, Haaziq, Bluedreamer, Dede and BM. And to anybody who wants to grab these awards, just ping me! tepuktangan

Happy blogging!

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