Cloud Watching: Nephelococcygia

This morning, since we do not have classes, and what we would have later will be examination in our Histology class, I had a minute of meditation outside, just in the house terrace. By then, I was having fun looking at the clouds of fine weather. SmileysI just remember one of my friend who used to do cloud watching as stress reliever. She even memorize all kinds or types of clouds. And oh, one thing that I wanna share is habit that one used to have fun watching cloud. It is NEPHELOCOCCYGIA. And according to my friend, it is really indeed relaxing watching clouds and just nothing to do but imagining all the good things. It’s one way of killing time.

Actually, that’s what I just deed this early morning. Not just that, but also thinking of having a white christmas here in Philippines. Smileys How I wish!

Well, I need now to study! Smileys


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