Full of Awards!

Weeeeeeeeeh! Feelin’ like a great blogger Smileys now after having a lot of awards from Mariuca a.k.a. the Genie Princess with her lovely and pinchable Phoebe, Chubbs and Benji! I then wanna dance Smileys all day long after she sent those. Nyeeeeeeehow!These are the flooding awards she gave:

I am awarding these flooding awards now to: Ate Umma, Ate Liz, Ate Monica, Ate Elai, Ate Jean, Ate Shemah, Ate Debbs, Ate Janice, ChinkyGirlMel, Ms. Marie, Ate Madz, Ate Gene, Bluedreamer, Haaziq, BM and Ate Niko.


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