Happy Birthday to ME!

It’s my birthday today! Smileys And yeah, have you wrapped me already with lotsaa gifts? I have already given you clues, right, to what I wish and wanting. In fact, I have made a list for you to shop on Sunday. Smileys
However, I received a lot of comments telling that they can’t afford to those which I have listed. Smileys Yeah, that’s why I listed it in my wishlist for my birthday, because, even I, I can’t afford it. LOL! Smileys

Anyway, I think I need to make a new wishlist then considering my friends for them to really buy any from my list. Haha! Dream! I know I am just dreaming. Just give me a day of talking to myself and dreaming of anything I want to. It’s my birthday today, so just give me a hug. Smileys I won’t ask anything more, but a hug, kiss and a linky love, LOL, from you will be fine! Smileys Oops, did I say linky love? LOL! Haha! A kiss will be fine. Take note, but not just from anybody else, but from tooooooot! Smileys

** i and tooooooot last semester in Silliman University Medical School!

Oh well, let me be serious for a moment! Yeah, what I want today is a new mobile phone. Smileys I actually just bought my recent, [did I say recent?, I think it’s not recent already Smileys], last February this year in one of the phone shops in Davao City. It’s a dual active phone and a touch screen from myPhone under sony. I chose it because, simply, I’ve been served by two telecom companies – Globe Phils and Smart Phils, for me not to bring bundles of cellular phones then. But now, I found it not good looking already. Telling you, am one of those techie-wanna-be Smileys lassy who easily get bored with techie things. I mean, if I got one and been using for several times, I want it then to be replaced with new not necessarily of higher specs, even not, as long as it’s new. I have that attitude. I do not know why. Actually, since June 2009, I have been planning to change my mobile phone but my mum got angry Smileys why I used to change things that are still new. Smileys

And now, what I did this morning, since today is my birthday, I checked mobile phone shops online. I didn’t tell this to my mum yet. Hehe! I know she won’t allow me to buy new mobile phone for now. But my hands now are shaking and tickling me to have one from mobile phone shops uk. They’re even itching now to touch new touch-screened phone.

I might get one before the year ends. And just to surprise mum for this. Am planning also to buy one for her so she won’t be angry. Smileys


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