I wanna go to Blorenge!

These past days, I had been bombarded with lotsa study because of the coming holidays, as I call it, but it’d be intramurals in the university (that I am in now) and a fest here in Dumaguete City. The fest will start this Tuesday, Nov. 24 and that falls my birthday. Smileys While our intramurals Smileys will be from Thursday until Nov. 30.And now, with these days I wanna go to somewhere that I could spend my birthday! Been browsing eco-adventure online to spot my dream adventure coz I know this would be very impossible the thought that I only have a-week of somehow free. However, got a lot of events to be played this coming intramurals, so still not a vacation.

But hey, I found this Blorenge Mountain in Monmouthshire, Southeast Wales. It is 1,833 feet (559 m) high and overlooks the valley of the River Usk to the southern flanks of the Black Mountains, Wales, also in the Brecon Beacons National Park.

Who wants to go with me via Smileys or via Smileys?


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