I want Mini Skirts in Med School!

I have been very fond of using mini skirts and short (above the knee) dresses since then. I remember, when I was still in my undergraduate degree years, in University of the Philippines Mindanao (UPMin), I used to wear those kind of dresses since the university do not require us to wear uniforms.
**one of those happy days in college (Dec. 2008).kenyit
**how i wish our uniforms in medical school are minis (June 2009). gelakguling
I feel like an American sexy school girl wearing mini skirts. ros Much more feelin’ sexy seeing me wearing minis and closed high-heeled sandals. jelir Once, I was invited in a costume party, that time I was already in the medical school, just last August 2009 but not a medical school related party, I wore green pleated plaid school girl mini skirt, somehow green-colored sleeveless tops, knee-length black stockings and a 3-inch combined green-white sandals. tepuktangan Whew! I really felt not a medical student for a night. At least I did even just a night. gelakguling

Pleated plaid school girl mini skirt
**can’t imagine the medical school dean if i’ll wear this in school. jelir

I remember, one time, we had a make-up examination last semester in one Saturday of September. Our level coordinator always reminds us that we are already in a medical school – post graduate degree so we must wear descent dresses – no mini skirts, slippers and sleeveless. Take note, descent dresses, as she said. And guess what I commented? I told our teacher-doctor that the word descent is relative; descent for me might not be descent for you. tepuktangan And the whole class just laugh. One classmate of mine said to the doctor, “..coz doc, gagay just wants to wear mini skirts!”. gelakguling

**this was our make-up examination day (one Saturday on September 2009) @ Silliman University Medical School. jelir

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