I’ll be having a baby!

Who wants to be godmothers and godfathers for my baby? kenyit Can you think of any name for him/her? What baby for me would you prefer – a boy or a girl?Do I really need to have a baby now? gataiHonestly, I really can’t think of myself having la-la-la-la-la! siul

Anyway, last night, Friday the 13th, I dreamt of being pregnant. angel And I would be giving birth of my first son this coming July 2010. celebrate Yeeeeeeeeeehow! gelakguling Watda!!! I do not know why I dream that. ketukmeje I just then remembered during our class discussion which our teacher used to tell us that we need to get married now while still young but have continue studying in a medical school since it would be difficult for us to live a busy medically-oriented life soon.

Waaaah! I couldn’t imagine what my mum’s reaction would be if I’ll get married now or even if I could have a baby.diam

Well, I’m much more excited since I’ll be having new niece. Oh! I mean, we’ll be welcoming so soon a new member of the family since my sister-in-law is a 1-month mummy preggy now. Wohoooooooo! If a niece or nephew, that I do not know yet. jelir

Aside from bundles of gifts for Didong and Didang these coming holidays and to my godchildren, by next year Christmas, a lot more bundles of gifts will be prepared. hah Oh gosh! I would become poorer and poorer that time. angel

Just this morning as I had a call at home, Didong talked to me and ask if I could give him a spider man nap mat. I couldn’t say no to him, I just nod my head as if he sees me. gelakguling Thence, I told him, ok I’ll look for that though I’ve been thinking of giving him and Didang a penny laine babybook or school keepsake book. We used to talk, I mean, our family discussing ’bout Didong and Didang’s schooling next academic year. They are still 3 years old by that time, yet they are almost very ready of getting to school. In fact, they used to have that school-like play with our cousin doing home works and a lot more.

By now? I am still puzzled what to give them this holidays! gigil


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