JS Kit Problem Again

Just yesterday I noticed that the comments in my blogger dashboard for Walking News Paper were all gone. They actually are appearing in my blog homepage if you try to browse is, however, in my dashboard, nothing. You can only see one or two.Smileys
This really is pissing me off! Smileys

This is the second time I experience this js kit problem.

I have captured a print screen shots of these stuffs. You can check it.

***this is a snapshot of my WNP dashboard: there were already posts having no
comments while some got 1 or 3 comments already. But if you browse
my blog, it’s actually flooded with comments. [you can click the image to enlarge]
***this was my post last March this year with the same problem.

I do not know what to do now with all the lost comments. I even do those necessary stuffs every time I post like granting JSKit’s access to blogger.

What would I do now? Any idea?


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