Late Friday the 13th Post

We were about to play soccer yesterday after watching Manchester United Highlights when the heavy rain bombed out. Smileys Smileys It was very embarrassing since we really prepared for it and the fact that we don’t have enough time to practice/play soccer for the upcoming intramurals we would have.We thought then of just playing basketball, however, since we haven’t prepared for it, we didn’t bring our own basketball ball. As we asked at the university gymnasium incharge if they would allow us to borrow, a young child just told us that the personnel wasn’t there after suffering from cancer in lungs. tension

We finally decided then to went home. No talks. garupale

As I arrived home, I tried to pick Lady Lappy to fill in my embarrassment, however, my Lady Lappy’s security insurance was expired already and haven’t installed, in fact, haven’t purchased new one yet. bising I still need to get pc security, the updated one for Lady Lappy. tension

I really hate Friday the 13th! adus


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