Like a WET-CHICK medical student

Now that I have already officially published Smileys my domain-owned blog, I already have hard time dividing my busy schedules from personal, medical and blog lives. Smileys I’m getting busier and busier everyday, I think so, that I could even forgot some of my school stuffs at home ending like a wet-chick at school having nothing to do during class hours. SmileysAnd what I am up to now, these past days, was just I was looking for great file uploading host provider to keep track of my newly uploaded files and for me to not to worry of school stuffs left at home (e-books, powerpoint presentation and reports) and for my new blog, as well. Off course, those files would not just be for file uploading itself, but for file sharing also.

Good enough, I remember Ate Debbs post about Miss Upload wherein, I remember, as I have first read the title of her post, I was thinking that Miss Upload was indeed a human celebrity. However, as I’ve read the full post, it was actually a file hosting provider. I have run through Ate Debbs post and also checked Smileys more about it, I have found out that it is indeed good to have Miss Upload to host files and documents especially photos. It’s actually a remote storage where at anywhere and anytime, one can surely had a copy and able to download documents. So there would be less hassle for file back-uping and downloading since it’s very convenient to use. It is also very accessible.

Maybe I could have one the soonest. Whatcha think? Smileys


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