Mum forgot my Australian Souvenir

Yes, she did! nangih

Though it was already way back 2 years ago, I guess, when mum went to Australia for a three-month tourist vacation yet when seeing the photos of my friend with Koala Bears in Australia, I always remember my stuffed koalas which my mum left in Australia as she came back here in the Philippines. I have only seen those thru webcam when we had an online chat during her stay in Australia.

**this is how my koala plush toy supposed to look at. nangih

I was really excited then because as what mum said before, aside from the fact that Koala Bears are one of the things which make Australia famous, those stuffed koalas looked like real koalas if seen a little distance. And more, they are very huggable and charming that one could giggle. jelir It’s like pinching the cheeks or butt of real bears. rindu

Aside from that, mum added that those were just some of those souvenirs from Australia that are very affordable, worth-keeping and worth-remembering when visiting Australia.

Can anybody send me some? sengihnampakgigi

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