Thank You for the WHEEL CHAIR!

Can you still remember the time I was asking from your good hearts some spare helps from your pockets to extend to a beggar which my friend, Yepyep, met in one of the street in Davao City?

This was him last March when my friends met him in Davao City.
Yes, that was him when Yepyep and her classmates first met that beggar. I was asking then, ayt, from you for any help, you can even read my blog post from here about his story, for us to buy a WHEEL CHAIR for him. Smileys
And we were just lucky enough that after four months of having sponsors – of looking and waiting for those who have good hearts to share some goodies, Yepyep and her friends finally had able to buy one brand new WHEEL CHAIR. I wasn’t there in Davao City the time they purchase it, and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to meet the beggar also. Smileys

It was just last July 2009 when Yepyep and her friends purchased one wheel chair since according to her, they had their internship last summer, April and May 2009, so they weren’t able to process like buying and looking for more sponsors then. Aside from that, no one can deny that money is really a big prob now adays and we admit, we really have had hard time looking for sponsors. Even I, that time, I was busy too and I didn’t even had enough time to process my Paypal account since I was processing that time too my application for medical school.

But anyway, nothin’ to talk more about those stuffs since they already bought one. Though we haven’t talked personally yet, I mean, I and Yepyep, we just communicated through exchange SMS and phone calls, I am pretty sure that they really enjoyed those moments when they gave the wheelchair to the beggar. And for sure, the beggar too was happy. The time they gave the wheel chair to the beggar, I was already here in medical school, in Dumaguete City.

Purchasing of the wheel chair.
First wheel chair encounter. LOL!

Finally, sitting pretty with new wheel chair!

I’ll try this!

Man: How do I look like with this awesome chair?

By the way, I wanna give thanks to those people who heartily extend their supports especially my blogging friends:

$5 from Mr. Bill
$5 from Mr. Matt Oxley
$5 from Ate Gengen
$15 from Ate Umma

Kat Mascardo
Gilly Marie Gaviola
Raia Tumanda
Jamie Concepcion
Isobelle Hidalgo
Adeline Tan
Joven Borreros
Katherine Niepes
Arriane Pombo
Angeline Dablo
UP Omega Alpha Fraternity
and Sorority

I am very sorry, by the way, for the very late post. Being a medical student and a blogger at a time wherein I got my mailbox dumped everyday, I haven’t noticed the mail from Yepyep attached with these photos.

Hopin’ you guys not to STOP SHARING what you are having. Always remember, IT IS BETTER TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE, especially those who are in need!


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