Shakey’s Angus Steakhouse Pizza for Oshi’s 1st Birthday

I got a lot of celebrations every December! And none other things to incorporate with celebrations but foodums!!!Just last Dec. 10, Oshi, my toshiba lappy, had his 1st birthday. Smiley And we celebrated it at Shakey’s Pizza House here in Dumaguete with my friend Elaine and Jem. Though was very happy that it’s already a year that Oshi is with me but he haven’t experienced to be hospitalized!!! He actually whispered with me last Thursday that he wanted to visit his docy. Yeah, it’s already a year, but I haven’t brought Oshi yet to her doc. Well, that’s good enough for him. That’s only one sign that am a very good mommy to him! He didn’t even sick and had taken meds, ayt?

Elaine and I last semester.

But now, I am thinking of bringing him in his docy, but only in Davao maybe as soon as I came home for our holiday medical vacation.

Wohooooo! Oshi is 1 year old already!!!

One thing I got mad last Thursday was that I left Sony at home, so I wasn’t able to take photos of our yummy dinner with Angus Steakhouse Pizza! I even left Oshi at home. Sorry Oshi, mommy will surely bring you at your docy soon and we’ll have some more pizza!!! Smiley

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