After HOLIDAYS, what’s NEXT?

..maybe a full body contouring procedure!That is what I really wanted for now after the two-week holiday vacation I had.

Welcoming Metal Tiger Year with Lucky Blue..From Leftmost: Sister-in-law, Cherry; Eldest Sis, Bait (Didong’s Mum): My Mum; Me; Elder Sis, Wewee; Mum’s Younger Sis; Mai

Holiday vacations, not to deny, especially Christmas and New Year celebrations could really heighten anybody’s body weight and fat deposition. And that includes me. Smiley With all those eat here, eat there, drink here and drink there parties all night and all day, I really can’t deny that I gained weight. My medical school uniform doesn’t fit me well now. And I just think that my uniform gets smaller, and not me getting fatter. Smiley

Welcoming 2010 with our Parish Priest, Fr. Dennis.

I guess I really need to have laser liposuction instead of just the normal regular balanced diet. What do you think? I wanna try that technology since it’s effects are permanent. The fat cells will be permanently remove. So even if I’ll be celebrating everyday a holiday, I am fully confident of having fat-free body. Smiley And I’ve only seen this technology at sono bello beauty center where there dermatologists and surgeons are certified and licensed. So no worries of experties and reliability issues. Aside from that, which made me so into the center are the technologies that they are using which are updated and patients will just undergo simple outpatient procedure. No admission.

Isn’t it great? What do you think? Give me great idea now coz am dying to get slim before summer vacation. Smiley


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