Bumped Bumper

Hysterically, my aunt, mum’s sister, called my other aunt last month when her new car, it was a van, was bumped by a motorcycle pedicab. And the bumper was really damaged. My aunt, the one who was called, and my mum were together that late night at home, at around 9Pm if I am not mistaken, were horribly laughing at her since they couldn’t believe that a motorcycle pedicab could bump at her car and damage the bumper. My mum and aunt really can’t imagine the situation she uttered with such anger. As what my mum told us, if only my aunt could spank them thru the mobile phone, they might get spanked then coz of unending laugh. And seems like my aunt wanna eat the pedicab driver for doing so. LOL!

Imagine a car as big as this, being bumped by a motor cycle pedicab that looks like below.

What about you, would you believe? Smiley Does a motorcycle pedicab could damage a van’s bumper?“, this was what my mum’s first line when she shared to us the story last holiday vacation. Would you? Haha.

Actually, on that late night, my aunt summoned the driver of the pedicab for any possible legal talks coz she wanted the driver to buy her hyundai accessories – just one back bumper for her car. But my mum suggested not to let the driver buy any then coz it has an insurance from the company. Good thing, before new year, the company was able to fix her car.


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