Gambling for Reasons..

..and what are these reasons?

I just wanna feel calm and relax. Aside from shopping, playing casinos is what I am wishing to have here in Dumaguete City for me to feel relaxed right every after exams. Just like now. We are having our 3rd Bi-monthly Exams. And telling you, it’s still our first day of exam, yet am really feeling like a carrying the earth with lotsaa things to study. I know this is not the end yet. But, giving time for oneself is a must for me.And I got nothing to think to make me feel good but do gambling. Since, I couldn’t find any good casino centers here, unlike when I was in Davao, I just went to Grand Regal Hotel, but here?!?!, I might just think of having online casino. I guess that would be better then. Good thing for online gambling is that there are free games so I can practice playing first. LOL!

Who wants to play with me? Just ping me..hehe..

David Funk

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