How much is the ipad tablet cost? – Apple iPad price

Before, I was damn freak of having a dual sim cellular phone. The time I had it, only a number of months after I bought it, my desire to use the phone seems gone. Tellin’ you, I am this kind of lassy which has the tendency to be easily get bored in a single stuff especially techie stuffs. Lately, I was longing for google nexus, haha. But then, google nexus is not available yet in the Philippines. Poor GG! And now, guess what? I want the Apple iPad!!! Smiley

After the announcement of Apple in San Francisco regarding the Apple iPad, I hurriedly and freakingly looking for the price of Apple iPad. haha! Please please please!!! Give me the digits!!! Also, tell me if this one’s available in Philippines. I think so, just a guess, coz there are Apple service centers here even in Davao. Help me look for the price and other info!!! Smiley

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