I de-stressed!

After our very stressing exam on Friday afternoon, we went walking around the downtown of Dumaguete City and ate. However, as I arrived home last Friday, everytime I look at my medical physiology book, the anger and stresses still pouring out. So I decided to have me my used-to-do de-stressing routine, SAUNA.
I had been doing this when I was diagnosed from migraine. Smiley My PT (physical therapist) advised to have at least twice a month of having it. I just remembered it yesterday. LOL!

I actually had 30-minute sauna, including the cool-off phase. After which I had my 1-hour and 30-minute full body Swedish massage. I prefer Swedish massage right after every sauna than any other massaging styles since the benefits of sauna (which will be posted so soon in PMD) would be more experienced with Swedish massage. That’s just from me. I have already tried other massaging styles, but I still go for Swedish massage but with sauna.

When I arrived home last night, I was really feeling relaxed, and so I did nothing but sleeping from 10:00 PM until 5:30 AM this morning. This seems to be the longest sleeping hour I have in med school. Smiley


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