Not so Narcissistic

Everytime I went home from school or from anywhere I go out of town, I used to give pressies to my lovely and so cutie niece and nephew, Didang and Didong. They’ve been used to it since they were small. I usually give them stuffs like toys and clothings that they could use for longer time than foods. So everytime I am not with them, I mean, I am here in Dumaguete City or somewhere else far from them, they just seemed to feel that I am still with them by those stuffs I gave. I know this coz everytime I call them thru mobile phone, they used to tell me “this one’s given to me by Mommy Gagay“. So sweet, isn’t it?
Look how they’ve grown up. Humbly tellin’ you, those stuffs they’re wearing were all from me. Smiley
Before the end of March, surely, I will be home already. Smiley And as early as now I am already packing things up for them, separately. I already bought some clothings for them. For Didang, I bought a dress and a casual clothing for her to use at home. She’s so girly girl, and that I chose the pink one for her though I don’t like pink. For Didong, I opted a pair of spidey slippers, again. Hehe. I already bought him spidey indoor slippers, but for now, he wanted another pair of slippers that he could use outdoor. So demanding my spidey kiddo.

And off course, I would never forget one for myself. LOL. Sometimes, I admit, I am narcissistic. Haha. I already bought shorts and skirts, my fave gears especially summer coz I couldn’t use that often mini dresses in medical school. But I got one thing I haven’t bought yet, new pair of sunglasses. Smiley I am still looking for great shades and more cool summer stuffs for me online. But for now, I still considered shopping stuffs for Didong and Didang, not online, coz those were hard to find than mine and I could even give more time for myself than for them.

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