A Date with Oshi!

Whew! It’s been days already that I haven’t been having a date with Oshi. Yeah, honestly, I was seriously studying the past days coz, even though I don’t like it, March is yet so near, finals week and deliberation is fast approaching, indeed. Smiley
This week, I am done already with 4 exams just this day and yesterday. One more to go, I mean, one more exam for this week, that would be tomorrow (Physiology), so I could have a blast of all time night time date with Oshi. Sure thing to do? Casinos online, off course. Smiley

Yeah, I think I really need serious practice Smiley coz I will be going home by the end of March and be playing, as usual, casino there with some friends. I wanna win win win! LOL!

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