Dropaholics is Shutting Down

The past days, Mariuca (I used to call her GP), Ate Monica and I were seriously talking about GP’s badge showing in my Dropaholics widget thrice and even at Ate Monica’s. But this seemed not new to us coz since last year, if I’m not mistaken in November 2009, we’re seeing some badges of other blogs displaying more than once in our (the three of us) dropaholics widget. And when we hover it, those weren’t the supposed badges of those blogs.

My Dropaholics in January 2010
Lately, the dropaholics widget caught our attention. Thence, GP decided to send email to dropaholics. And just last night (Philippine time: Feb. 3, 2009, 9:00PM), I received an email from Greg Mathews regarding the shutting down of dropaholics.

So sad to know the reply of Greg. Hope dropaholics would be fine so soon.

Email of Greg Mathews. (click the image above to read his post on Dropaholics is Shutting Down.)

Thanks Greg for the updates. GP has posted on this, you can read it here.


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