Miss You Like Crazy Movie: Bea Alonzo and John Lloyd Cruz


My emo mode this week has been aggravated by a lot of things like most of my music on my blogs (well, I was the one who chose those), some boylet problems (those are not really problems, I just considered it one, haha) and the most recent is the movie MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY by local Filipino Celebrities, John Lloyd Cruz (as Allan Alvarez in the movie) and Bea Alonzo (Mia Samonte).

I can’t say I am an avid fan of the two, I don’t consider myself as such, however, the chemistry of the two young actor and actress made my world go round. Smiley Yayks!!!
Ok ok. I’ll give you some glitch.
Allan is having a 5-year relationship with another darn sexy and super rich gal, Daphne Recto (played by Maricar Reyes). He was at first happy, as he admit in the movie, but along the way, he found hisself empty. Thence he met Mia, whom that time, is ready to have one. There’s an instance which made them fall into each other but Allan is still with Daphne. Mia gave way.
Mia is working in Malaysia as a front-desk manager in a five-star hotel. After that sad event, it happen that Mia have her flight back to M’sia for work. Years after, Allan had to attend a summit in M’sia and stayed in the hotel where Mia is working. He’s already freed his heart that time but Mia was already with an M’sian guy.

Bea Alonzo, Directress Cathy Molina and John Lloyd Cruz
I guess all of these are enough. It’s up to you now guys how you figure the movie out. Honestly telling you, with in an hour and forty-five minutes of seating after the movie, I had also more than an hour of drooping my eyes. I was just getting emo and been touched with the movie. Smiley
And oh, while watching the movie, I feel like in M’sia too. Haha. They actually shoot in M’sia. I so love the Petronas tower now. Find it out guys in the movie and make love with Petronas tower now. Smiley
I’ll be featuring in MM next week, March 1 – 7, 2010, the official soundtrack of the movie, I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY. Happy MM in advance. LOL!


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