Oshi demands a date

Our semestral break is fast approaching; maybe, it would only a month or less to look forward to. But off course, between those days, I still have a lot of sleepless nights having a date with all my medical books. By then, Oshi would just be left at home while am into group study with my classmates outside in a cafe or elsewhere.
Last January, I have shared to you that I would be installing Oshi with TV satellite. Yes! A TV satellite it is. I have finally think of it and decided then to install one, maybe, just this semestral break so I could have 24/7 date with Oshi then. If you recall it, I have indeed found Direct TV TX over the internet and browsed more info ’bout it. And yeah, the company offers several cheap and very affordable packages which are great because of the number of channels that surely could cater my addiction to sports. LOL! Perhaps there are a lot of sports and entertainment channels available for such packages. One more which made me think of subscribing is that, a friend of mine who is now based in Canada, actually, a family friend who happen that her mum is my mum’s bff, shared to me last time that they are subscribing Direct TV CA and she found it real great. The channels display TV shows uninterrupted. She was even grinning when she said, “I could watch football always ‘gay.” Grrrr.. I was envious then when she said that.

Hmp! Lemme install Oshi a TV as soon as the semester ends so I could watch football always also. I think that would be great. Haha. By then, Oshi would not demand for a date coz we could have dates always. LOL! Happy V-day, in advance, Oshi!

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