Stillwater: Almost Famous

Could you believe, I am getting emo this week. I do not know why. But I don’t like eating too. Mostly, I go for eating if I can’t fully understand my emotions. If I get too bombarded with work, school, getting much irritated, I usually get myself a full blast meal. Now? I don’t. Maybe of the Lenten season also. I am fasting actually. *sigh* Oh yeah, maybe I am just homesick too. I wanna go home, actually. I miss home. Yet I still have a month to conquer my first year in medical school. With crossing fingers, hopefully I could pass all the subjects I am having now.
Every time I am getting homesick, I used to listen to hard rock music genre. Good thing, I just found and discovered Almost Famous. Hehe. It’s an oldie movie.

I do not know why my being emo these past days is dragging me back to 1970s. LOL. Yeah, I love to listen and watch oldie movies now.
This music I have above, Almost Famous by Stillwater, is the soundtrack of the movie Almost Famous in 1970s. Haha. I am getting into oldie fever now. I am thinking to have this as my Music Monday entry. What do you think?

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