The House of GREEN

When mum decided to have a new house where she and dad could stay until they get oldy, she was asking us, her children, bout the best motif and architecture, internal designs for her house. One of my sibling used to believe on Feng Shui which I do not. And since she had a background on engineering, which was her first degree in college, she had the most ideas contributed on how the house would look like. Wanna ask what I have shared? I only said, “let the house be green“. LOL!

One day, when the newly built house was almost done, my dad asked me to accompany him to shop some stuffs to be installed. And yeah, along the way, he really whispered me, your mum requested me to ask you to have me shopping coz she wants you to choose your perks to be used at home. OMG! My mum didn’t forget what I have told her when we had that discussion. I was just even joking to use green motif at home. Heheh! But up until now, I am still looking for green shower trays with transparent walls to be used in my mum’s bathroom. She’s not using her bathroom yet coz I told her to wait for me until I went home this summer vacation and to look for green bathroom stuffs for her which my mum agreed. So, she and dad just using the bathroom near the kitchen which has light green wall. LOL!

Yeah, most of our stuffs at home are green except those curtains which my mum is crazy of. She used to change every other week the curtain, at least twice a month. She only has 2 sets of green curtains yet but of different green hues.

Wanna see The House of Green? Come to us. LOL!

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