Today is EDSA, isn’t it?

I woke up early today to have my daily morning walk routine here in Boulevard Avenue, Dumaguete City. I have heard a circle of 5 kids talking ’bout having no class today. One kid said, (yehey, walay klase kay EDSA) it’s EDSA, yeheeeey, no class. The other one said, (bitaw bitaw, walay klase magdula ra dagway ko) oh yes, I can play all day ‘coz no class. The other kid said while jumping, (hala sah, muadto kog Robinsons magdulag animal toys) yes, I can go to Robinsons and play animal toys ‘coz no class.A few steps from where those kiddies were seating along the avenue, I met 3 men (if am not mistaken, they are on their 60s). To my curiosity after I first heard the words “Today is EDSA“, I walked slowly and honestly, I tried listening to them. One of them said that they (his family with his kids) might go out coz no office coz EDSA. And so the other 2, talking about things to be done with family because it’s EDSA today.

Today is EDSA. Is it?

Actually, today, marks the 24th year in commemorating the People Power Revolution held in EDSA, Epifanio de los Santos Avenue. EDSA is known before as Highway 54. It is the main circumferential road and highway of Metro Manila in the Philippines.


But why people used to call it “Today is EDSA“? Or should I say, February 22 is EDSA? Personally, I just can’t understand them why they have that thought.

Today is just another day to reminisce the People Power Revolution. It was a nonviolent and prayerful mass street demonstrations held in EDSA in 1986. It is also referred to as Yellow Revolution because of the yellow ribbons which welcomed Ninoy Aquino. It actually a protest against the 20-year long authoritarian administration (regime) of the former President Ferdinand Marcos. Most of the events during this People Power Revolution were held in EDSA.

So I guess, that’s the reason why people used to call People Power Revolution as EDSA. Smiley


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