Undress Me Please!

Last week I bought Oshi a keyboard protector for him to feel clean always and for me not to undust him every time I arrived home from school. It’s actually like dressing him. LOL!

However, I noticed that Oshi can’t stand a long hour date with me anymore starting the day I dressed him. He already gets hot for just less than an hour which really surprised me. I am not used to having him like that since he used to increase temp only when we’re dating for almost 5 hours already. That’s actually my reminder to take a break when dating with him. But now? He easily gets hot. I can’t type any longer anymore coz my palms are getting hurt.

I don’t think there are anything bad happen to Oshi. Oshi is just still 1-year old lappy and have been doing fine within that year. But lately, he seemed unusual.

I suspect that the rubber keyboard protector is the one which makes it to heat up easily. I tried again this afternoon dating with him without it and it really proved me right.

Having undressed makes Oshi comfortable to have a date with me.

PS. Never mind my fingernails. I know they are cute. Aren’t they?


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