Casino, A Destressant

This month would be the busiest so far in medical school that I’d be experiencing. Our final examination will be by the third week of this month. And sure to be out of the blogosphere by that time. But, I will just try my very best to update you all here. Maybe, a little time to steal might be good. I know, Oshi would be sad if I won’t have a little time with him even not for blogging but with my USA online casino. Haha. Playing online casino has just been a destressant to me aside from going to spa and have me sauna also.Aside from getting destress on playing casino, I could practice also before going home and play it real in Davao City where I used to play then with some folks. Honestly, by this time, everytime I seat and just dating with Oshi, I could think of being not a medical student especially when I am just facing slot machines online. Haha. Slot machines make my world go round, up and down. LOL!

Oh, I won’t make this blah blah blah longer, I still have an exam to be prepared of tomorrow. See you when I see you guys. LOL!


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