Clearing cache

After casino, here comes bingo. And yeah, I can’t help myself but to play online games. These are really such addictive things for me especially now that I don’t have any things to do like studying real hard. Haha. Aside from that, my lola is getting better now, so I could have my full time date with Oshi! Wohooooooooooo!Oh yeah! Bingo games are piling up still yet here comes a great come back of my old online fave game, poker. Haha. Not to mention my most fave, the everest poker. Actually, I was suppose to clear Oshi’s cache when I was about to find my long lost best poker site, I miss playing poker then. Hehe.

See? I got a lot of addictions. Whew! And tellin’ you honestly, I almost forget all of these when I was still busy studying the past months. I indeed missed playing all of them. For now, I will try to play all of those before the new academic year starts by June 2010. Whew!

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