I want Vacay!

I am not in Davao City now, I am here in our province, where our farm is at and my Lola also who has just slipped her back after pushing a gallon of water. I am the one taking care of her now. I am becoming her instant caregiver.
It’s summer already but I am not getting excited anymore. A lot of things made me sad. First, is what has happened to my Lola. I do not know when she would be ok. Though she can walk now slowly, she still couldn’t be left alone in her room nor in the sala coz she still needs someone to help her when she’s eating, peeing and more. Second, I can’t blog. I am just actually stealing an hour today just to update my blogs. My Lola is still sleeping now in her room. And when am not dating with Oshi, it’s Didong who’ll be playing offline games. Third, I can’t play casino and haven’t even played yet as much as I could. I just settle for some free games still. Early today, before I blog, I actually tried spin palace casino just to try some luck. LOL! haha.. And the last one, I am not really sure if I could go for vacay anymore because of my Lola. Hope my Lola would be getting better so soon so I could feel my vacay stress-free.I really want vacay.

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