Please stay healthy Oshi

After more than a week of hiatus from the blogosphere and everything related to computers, except when having exam notes and a little facebook checking from time to time but still just to check exam updates, I admit, I really miss Oshi and my other computer-related addiction!LOL!Tonight, as my hands are itching now, I’ll surely to have Oshi with my USA casinos rock ‘n rollin. Haha. With my very near flight goin’ back home, casinos are yet so excited to see me. Smiley

Ok ok! Let me make this a rush. Hehe. I need to get things a hurry tonight so could play, I mean, just a practice first. I’ll just play when I get back home. Smiley But I don’t think Oshi would love it being a date for a longer time, as I have said before, he’s now easily getting hot. I do not know why. Might it be because I haven’t brought him to his doc yet? Or what? I am so worried coz Oshi is keeping all my files in medical schools and some important documents from my college years; not to mention those memorable photos before. Smiley

I am just hoping Oshi could still be patient with me until I graduate in medical school. Please Oshi, stay healthy!

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