Can you suggest a new domain name?

I wonder when would be the next PR checking?
Why? Simply because I am planning to buy a new domain, I mean, my domain and would change my into a new separate domain hosting services. I do not know if this idea is good. And more, I do not know what’s better web site hosting site than blogger; such site is a dedicated hosting website that is suitable for multiple web hosting. However, with the worst problem I have now – the rotating brown-out that we’re having, I am not sure I could change domain.
You might ask why I am planning to change web site host.
I have been encountering a number of problems with blogger, not to specify my commenting system. Since I stopped using JSKit, my blogger commenting system is not working well. It’s not synchronize already. I have a lot of posts wherein when viewed from it’s own URL, there showing a number of comments which are not indicated in my blogger dashboard. Aside from invisible comments, some of the comments are showing not the commenters themselves but rather showing as if those were written by me. It seems like I am commenting and talking monologue in my own blog posts. Moreover, with regards to commenting system, the blogger top commenter widgets are not updating on time.
So much with those murmur, I do not have any idea of my new domain name. Can you suggest any?
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