I miss PartyPoker in Cebu..

I have heard my nephew and niece, Smiley Didong and Smiley Didang, singing poker face by Lady Gagay, oh I mean, Lady Gaga, yesterday, thence reminded me of Music Monday and my frustrated poker party in Cebu City last week. Yayks!
When I was still in Cebu, I told myself to just settle for online poker because of my titan poker bonus code and partypoker bonus code. Hehe. However, because of the rotating brown-outs here that usually lasts for 6 hours, I still can’t play poker. Too bad! Much more made me worrying until now is my everest poker bonus code which was shared to me that will eventually expires by the end of the month.
**Sigh** I am just hoping that electrical situations here in the Philippines would be getting better the soonest. Smiley

I just wanna share Lady Gaga’s Poker Face song here.

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