Rotating Brownout

Since I went home, here in our province, counting with fingers is not enough to count how many times brown-outs occurring here. According to my sister, it’s just a simple rotating brown-out -gay. But, I can’t understand why are there such thing as rotating brown-out or so!

The brown-out has a lot of negative things done already in our electric appliances and even in my blogging career. Before I went home, I said to myself to spare even just an hour or two just to keep thing posting and to continue my webhosting job. However, because of the said rotating brown-out, I can’t even check my mails every time I got to be free from vacation hang-outs. Could you imagine the more than 6-hour brown-out in a day? Mostly, it starts from 1:00PM until 6:00PM. Aside from that, there was once from 9:00AM until 3:00PM. Imagine how your life, I mean, my life with out electricity? Asking for generator? Oh no! We’re not that rich to have generator. And more, it’s impractical to have one since it is just these days this rotating brown-out is occurring.

This is one thing I don’t like this summer vacation. With my plug-in broadband, sometimes, I just settle for it just to finish my web hosting work and to think, Oshi can only stand for less than 3 hours unplugged. With in that time, I can only finish a little of my work. Whew! Thence, I just go out and leave my work. Haha. I just end up trying to enjoy myself in this summer vacation I have with out electricity. LOL!

Happy summer vacation guys!

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