Terrible Car

Last Wednesday, I and two (2) of my classmates went to Mandaue City to inquire for Medical Schools. My Uncle just drove for us since he doesn’t have anything to do that day. On our way, his car (Toyota Vios) suddenly stopped in the middle of the four-lane hi-way.
Think of it, it was already around 9 in the morning, real hot. The car was turned-off and so the air conditioner. I supposed not to open the tinted windows coz people are looking at us, I mean, in the car. But, it’s really hot inside the car so we don’t have had any choice but to open the windows. Oh gosh! So shameful, people are looking and staring at us. But good thing they are good-hearted. They push the car from the busy traffic hi-way. When we were on the side of the street, one of them checked the Toyota accessories if there were some problems. Whata co-incedence, that guy who checked my uncle’s car owns an auto-shop. My uncle decided to bring his car in that guy’s shop and we just end up riding on a taxi. LOL!


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